Friday, September 18, 2015

Halloween Crafts are Here!

Our Halloween crafts this year, are so very 'spooktacular'. Here's your little peek at what's new to our stores:

Frankie $19.99

Halloween Ghouls $5.99 each

Spell Books $9.99

Beware Word Set $18.99

Witch Boots $13.99
Large BOO $14.99

Board with BOO Vinyl $13.99

Stacked Ghosts $7.99

This is only a tiny glimpse at our new Halloween crafts. To see our full line, stop into one of our stores, or you can also see our most popular Halloween crafts on our Website @ WOOD Creations Crafts.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Fall Crafts Are Here!

Our stores are filled to the brim with all things fall. If you haven't had the chance to stop in, here is your little peek at our new fall crafts. You are going to 'fall' in love!

Stacked Pumpkins Indiv. $10.99

Owl Trio $16.99

Board $3.99 Pumpkin Vinyl $8.99

Fall is in the Air $19.99

Leaves Word Set $21.99

Autumn Splendor $12.99

Spice Word Heston Letters $2.50 Indiv. Pumpkin Insert $4.99

Remember, this is only a small sampling of the fall crafts we currently have in our stores. For our full line, be sure to stop into a store or you can also see our most popular fall crafts on our website @ WOOD Creations Crafts.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Craft Tip of the Month- Sign Making

Hi, it's Kerrie, Lead Designer at WOOD Creations. Today I’m sharing a tip on making signs and I'll also show you how to keep the paint from running underneath your vinyl. You’ll love this easy tip and it will also give you sharp crisp lines.

First, you’ll want to paint your board the color you want your sign to be. Once the paint is completely dry, place the vinyl on the board. Then, repaint your base color over top of the vinyl. Repainting your base color over top of the vinyl will prevent the paint colors from running underneath the vinyl.

Once your base color dries, paint over the letters with the colors you chose for your lettering. Once everything is dry, pull off your vinyl and you now have a super cute sign that was super easy. literally that simple.

How cute is this? And, it wasn't as hard as it may have looked, right?

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Independence Day Crafts are Here

Our Independence Day crafts have been on our shelves for weeks, but if you haven't had a chance to stop in, here is your peek. We love these crafts that display our love for our country and we hope you love them too.

Large Pallet Flag $19.99 

Slat Board with America Cut-out $16.99

Small USA $10.99

Sitting Star Trio $16.99

America the Beautiful $19.99

Large Hanging 4 $7.99

This is only a tiny look at some of our new 4th of July crafts. Stop into one of our stores or take a look at our website @ WOOD Creations Crafts to see our most popular Independence Day Crafts.